All you need to know about our Open Innovation platform

from the definition of OI to the way to implement it

All about Open Innovation in your organisation

Open Innovation definition: the keys to understand the basics of a scientific concept

Open Innovation Infographic

[Infographic] The question "what is open innovation?" is a recurring one in our daily business here at ideXlab. We decided to make a one minute infographic explanation of open innovation.

dimensions of Open Innovation

[White Paper] Discover the 8 dimensions of Open Innovation that need to be understood and tackled in order to transform your organisation or company..

Open Source vs Open innovation

[Infographic] Open Source vs Open innovation

We are often asked about the difference between Open Source and Open Innovation. And many people confound the two. Let us try to clarify the links between these notions.

Case Studies: how do companies use Open Innovation to solve their R&D problems?

Open Innovation in practice

[Ebook] Open Innovation in practice 
6 concrete Case Studies to understand how Open Innovation can help you develop new products or services.

Open Innovation Big Data

Case Study] Open Innovation serving telecommunication Big Data 
Find out how Orange evaluated the relevance of investing in the development of cutting-edge services.

Implementing Open Innovation in my company:  what should I know before starting?

Open Innovation good expert

[Infographic] What is a good expert and how to find one? The answer in this info!

Open Innovation demonstration

[Video] A demonstration of ideXlab’s platform in 30’
How to use our search engine to find the right experts? Find quick and efficient solutions to your question!

Open Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights

[White Paper] Open Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights 
Let's discover how to bring them back together to help your company grow

Guide Open Innovation

[Guide] How to choose the best Open Innovation approach for your company? 
This guide is laying-out the options, their pros and cons, and a practical way forward.